LEO A DALY Celebrates National Architecture Week 2018

“Design for People” video continues a company tradition of releasing heartfelt videos each year celebrating the impact of design

LEO A DALY is celebrating National Architecture Week 2018 with the release of a new video that explores their company “Why?”

The one-minute piece, which was posted today to the company’s Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook sites, rejects common myths about what motivates architects to transform the built environment, and offers instead a simple, direct message: “Design for People.”

National Architecture Week is an annual celebration aiming to “’elevate the public’s appreciation of design,’ while also recognizing those architects who have impacted local communities through design and collaboration,” according to the American Institute of Architects. It occurs each year in the second week of February.

“Architecture Week is a great time to celebrate the impact of design, from where we live, work, and play, to how we travel, learn, invent, worship, and heal,” said Jeff Monzu, Vice President at LEO A DALY, and President of the Nebraska chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The video builds on an internal “Why statement” that was developed by the firm’s 2017 Leadership Institute during a year-long process. Leadership Institute is a group of emerging leaders selected annually from throughout the firm’s 30 offices, who come together to work on one transformational project. This year’s institute took on the challenge of developing a statement that would galvanize the company behind a shared Why.

The statement reads: “We believe that everything we do is for the enrichment of the human experience.”

“Our Why statement was, ultimately, the first thing we wrote down. After a year of discussions, debating, and soul-searching, we ended up where we started, emphasizing what is truly important, and cutting everything else,” said John McGauvran, Director of Marketing and graduate of Leadership Institute 2017.

The video follows a recent company tradition of releasing heartfelt video messages during National Architecture Week. In 2015, the company’s hundredth anniversary, the firm released “How Long is 100 Years?”. In 2016, it was “THANK YOU”. Last year, it was “We Design Stories”. This year’s video is called “Design for People”.

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