LEO A DALY did not Bid on Border Wall

It was recently reported that LEO A DALY, along with 200+ other firms, bid to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Although it is accurate that the firm sought further information on this project, it is incorrect that the firm has bid on the project.

Over the firm’s 100-year history, LEO A DALY has worked extensively with the U.S. and other governments in designing many types of facilities domestically and overseas. The firm continues to review opportunities presented by the U.S. government and regularly seeks further information for a variety of projects.

To clarify, when a service provider clicks the “Add me to interested vendors” button on the FedBizOpps website, it can be done for a number of reasons: to gather more information, to help in planning, or simply to stay posted on important developments in the marketplace. There is a distinct difference between expressing interest and formally bidding on a project.

It is the firm’s usual practice to respond “with interest” to every federal pre-solicitation that fits our areas of expertise. By checking that box, it was not the firm’s objective to communicate an intent to bid. It was simply to request more information.

LEO A DALY did not and will not bid on this pre-solicitation.

Please contact John McGauvran, director of marketing and public relations, at JTMcGauvran@leoadaly.com or 402.390.4433, with questions.

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