McCleary to present at MLA Annual Conference, Oct 9

LEO A DALY Civic leader Cindy McCleary will present "The Digital In-Person Library" with MN library leaders

LEO A DALY's Civic market sector leader Cindy McCleary, AIA, will present a new prototype library concept at the Minnesota Library Association's annual conference, Friday October 9, at 3:45 p.m. She will be joined by Heidi Hoks, Director of Carver County Library and Nick Dimassis, Director of Beloit Public Library.


"Stay Up-To-Date and Innovate, Case Study of the Digital In-Person Library."

The Victoria Library is a prototype for what LEO A DALY calls a new concept in library design: the DIP library, short for Digital In-Person.  

Many recent versions of digital libraries rely on a person-to-device relationship; leaving the experience impersonal and the patron flooded with too much information and no way to decipher relevance.

Small by traditional library standards, the 4300 SF Victoria Library solves this disconnect by prioritizing digital resources in order to maximize space for people-focused functions, such as tutoring, small-group, and classroom-style learning. This Digital In-Person library places librarians in the critical role of trainers, educators, concierges, and advisors, and empowers the community to see library staff as advocates for their intellectual pursuits. 

The facility has been operating for nine months and the team will share metrics on successes, failures and best practices.    






Cindy McCleary is an architect and library planner skilled in strategic planning, public engagement and innovation.     Nick Dimassis has served as the Deputy Director Hennepin County Libraries and was Carver County Library Director during the initial project “ideas stage” of the Victoria Library.    Heidi Hoks has been a professional librarian for over 35 years. She has previously served in various positions including Great River Regional Library and Northwest Regional Library.

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