Program Management

Streamlining Project Process

The cornerstone of our Program Management philosophy is a streamlined process of anticipation, recognition, and prompt action. As practiced by LEO A DALY and our subsidiary LAN, Program Management is a support service that ensures accountability and provides a completed project tailored to meet aesthetic, economic, and schedule expectations, while mitigating risk.

As Program Manager, we provide a single point of contact for large-scale endeavors involving multiple projects with concurrent or closely scheduled design and construction phases. Working as an extension of your staff, our management team remains responsive to your direction, while providing a wide variety of services.

  • Capital Improvement Planning, Assessment and Validation
  • Capital Improvement Program Oversight
  • General Engineering Consulting
  • Program Management Consulting, Process and Procedure Assessment
  • Program Management Consulting, Process and Procedure Assessment
  • Client-Specific Program Management Solutions
  • Alternative Delivery Strategies and Best Practices