As designers of the built environment, we are on the front lines of sustainability. Guided by a strong social conscience, we pride ourselves on designs that improve quality of life for current and future generations. Through our commitment to green design and the 2030 Challenge, we are helping change the way facilities interact with the natural environment.

A History of Sustainability
LEO A DALY has been designing energy and environmentally-conscious buildings since the 1970s. In 1975, we designed the Lockheed 157 Laboratories Building, one of the first buildings to bounce daylight deep into a building using light shelves. In 1976, we received the AIA’s Edward D. Kemper Award for “vision and leadership to lead the AIA to take its first steps in the field of energy conservation in the built environment.” Today, we stay at the cutting edge of sustainability with LEED Platinum projects in the US, and Estidama Pearl-rated projects in the Middle East.

LEED-ing the Way
LEO A DALY is at the forefront of our industry in LEED-related programs. We take a comprehensive, integrated design approach to sustainability, recognizing that it is not only about energy efficiency, but also minimizing site disturbance, and encouraging alternative transportation, efficient material and resource use, improving interior air quality, and reducing water use. Our design teams assess life-cycle costs to determine cost-effective and sustainable solutions, and have extensive experience in specifying sustainable solutions that are the most economical over the life of a facility.

The 2030 Challenge
Along with the American Institute of Architects, we have a firm-wide commitment to the 2030 Challenge, a resolution to reduce the carbon emissions of our projects to zero by 2030.



  • Eco-Charretting
  • Integrated Design
  • Sustainable Design and Documentation (ex: LEED, Green Globes)
  • Whole-Building Energy Simulation Modeling
  • Commissioning
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Lighting and Daylighting Studies
  • Innovation in Design Strategies