Client AAA Minneapolis (AAA Travel)

AAA Minneapolis, Executive Suite Remodel

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

LEO A DALY has continued to assist AAA Minneapolis over the past 20 years with renovations to various spaces. New leaders at AAA Minneapolis saw an opportunity to promote collaboration and employee welfare in its workplace, using the remodel as the catalyst for change.

Our team improved the office efficiencies by pairing furniture with evolving staff working styles. Each remodeled suite has greater access to daylight with new workstations that provide audio privacy, but allow views out the expansive windows because of the lowered panels. Strategically positioning staff at opposing sides of the workstations helps absorb the sound of coworkers who are consistently on the telephone.

Ninety percent of the staff have height-adjustable work surfaces that promote healthy work habits by allowing them to switch between sitting and standing. Within each suite, staff has access to the type of collaboration area that best meets their needs: open teaming, lounge teaming or conferencing. While the sizes of private offices and workstations are smaller than previously, the layout is designed smarter, providing more storage in areas formerly left unused.

A movable glass wall system provides transparency into the offices and flexibility for future changes. Consistent furniture was used in offices and open work spaces to streamline inventory. A light, cheerful color palette, with bright pops of accent colors, defines the various suites and give a sense of individuality to the staff.

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Office remodel


39,220 SF remodel
Adjustable work surfaces
Improved space planning


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