Client US Department of Defense

Davis-Monthan AFB - Aerial Delivery Cargo

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona

As one of the key facilities in the expanding HC-130J program, the 25,000-SF Aerial Delivery facility is the most visible. The 114-FT tall parachute drying tower, the tallest structure on the base, accommodates the hanging of 16 parachutes at a time requiring at least 100-FT of height from floor to overhead platform. 

The building includes classroom and administration space to serve as a training facility for the fabrication, assembly and loading of aerial pallets onto the HC-130J aircraft. The nature of the training facility includes many specialized features. After assembly, pallets are moved from the main prep area to the loading dock and onto a specially designed K-loader vehicle that transports the load to the airfield and onto the plane. After flight, the pallets and parachutes are retrieved, loaded onto transport trucks and returned to the south receiving area for reprocessing.

At a glance

25,000 SF


114 FT Tall Parachute Drying Tower


Architectural Design

Interior Design

Engineering: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Civil 

Landscape Architecture


Accommodates the hanging of 16 parachutes at a time


Davis-Monthan Air Force is the largest aircraft boneyard in the world.

More than 600

By May of 1946, more than 600 B-29 Superfortresses and 200 C-47 Skytrains had been moved to Davis-Monthan. Some were preserved and returned to action in the Korean War, others were scrapped.