Client Confidential

Airport of the Future

People's Republic of China

Designed for an international airport in China, LEO A DALY’s master plan takes formal inspiration from the area's natural features and cultural symbols. Two terminals in a double concave configuration offer inviting facades to the public and transport approaches from the West and East. The terminals are shaped in the form of Wings of Cranes which is a figure ingrained in the cultural heritage of the local city.

The concave bow of the terminal facade features oblong shaped lakes that offer a propitious Feng Shui configuration and retention cisterns for rainwater collection. Two elongated sculptural light fixtures within the lakes complement the reference to the Crane figure. The lakes were a source of formal inspiration for the oblong geometries of the terminal’s centrally located Intermodal Transportation Center. Conceived as the nexus of a major central public space, the transit center connects the two terminals, and is framed by parking structures covered by green roofs and gardens. Two hotels and the air traffic control tower frame the central public space and provide vertical points of reference.

At a glance

Two Terminals

375,000 SM

50,000 SM Commercial Transit Center

140,000 SM Parking Structure


Feng Shui Design

Enhanced Way Finding Through Visible Views from the Terminal Center

Natural Light Illuminates Underground Rail Station  

Direct Access to Terminals from both ends of Concourse Level

Retail- Lined Curved Walkways

Large Overhead Canopies Protect Open Walkways

Large Themed Restaurant with 360 Degree Views of Both Terminals


Conceptual Design

Master Planning