Client American Red Cross

Functional and Secure Custom Office Renovation

West Palm Beach, Florida

Originally housed in an open inconvenient space with little security, the American Red Cross required a customized, function driven, and secure facility.

LEO A DALY provided space planning and programming that incorporates conference and training rooms, open office areas, and an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with various levels of security for crisis / community outreach, disaster relief, and a cohesive administrative office area.

The EOC, located in the heart of the space, serves as a command center for disaster relief. A glass partition between the EOC and a training room offers local media a separate staging area for reporting during disasters. The conference and training rooms are used for various community programs including CPR training.

At a glance

13,000 SF (1,200 SM)


Emergency Operations Center

Media staging area

Conference & Training Rooms



Space Planning

Interior Design

Construction Administration