Client American Society of Clinical Oncology

ASCO Headquarters Office Space

Alexandria, VA

The national headquarters of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) consists of 123,000-SF of interior office space on five floors, designed to promote the organization's mission of "Making a world of difference in cancer care."

The design features an open plan with flexible work areas, offering both private and open offices equipped with sliding glass doors that afford comfort and privacy without restricting ambient light. The design avoids use of conventional right angles to bring exterior light deep into the interior of the space. An atrium is the centerpiece of the design between the eighth and ninth floors with an interconnecting interior glass and steel staircase, a two-story hanging glass chandelier and open reception/meeting rooms. A typographic layered glass wall in the main reception area complements the corporate name etched on the glass stairwell wall behind the white marble and glass reception desk.

The 10,000-SF, eighth-floor conference center has a spacious board room with pivoting glass partitions along the building perimeter, hand-crafted millwork credenzas, stainless steel accents, innovative lighting, and IT/multimedia functionality to accommodate large meetings. Four additional conference rooms offer “breakout” areas for maximum meeting flexibility. The cafeteria/kitchen facility provides a relaxing environment for staff and serves as a multi-functional space for informal meetings and gatherings.

At a glance

123,000 SF on 5 Floors

10,000 SF Conference Center




Two-Story Chandelier 

Open Plan

Flexible Work Areas

Informal / Break-Out Meeting Areas




Interior Design


people can be accommodated in this 1,775-SF conference center.


ASCO was founded in 1964 by a small group of physicians who recognized the need for the creation of a society dedicated to issues unique to clinical oncology.