Client Augusta University

Renovation to Accommodate Neurological Research

Augusta, Georgia

This project encompassed renovated laboratory research space on the third floor. The design accommodates neurological research on rodents as well as the development and assembly of brain probes for non-human primates. 

The third floor main laboratory is a large open molecular research space and includes eight, large work bench areas with sinks. The second large laboratory is the electrophysiology research lab which includes workstations for making probes for both rodents and non-human primates. A class 100 clean room is provided with seven workstations adjacent to the main lab. Three rodent recording rooms are also connected to the main lab for research observation. 

Additional spaces include a tissue culture room, an electronics laboratory, a dry laboratory/electronics tool room, a large equipment room and a server/data storage room with UPS area and a radioisotope room.

At a glance

16,000 SF


Neurological research space

Molecular research lab

Electrophysiology research lab

Class 100 clean room



Architectural Design

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering