Client BOCA Development LLC

Beebe Runyan Warehouse Conversion

Omaha, Nebraska

Constructed in 1913, the Beebe Runyan building is rich with history and authenticity. Originally a furniture showroom and warehouse, it has transformed into luxurious condominium living in Omaha's downtown. The building's original architecture reflected the late Renaissance revival style and contributed to the rebounding industry and rapid city growth after the depression of the 1890's. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, its repositioning was carefully planned to preserve its integrity and majestic scale.

The warehouse's signature fir beam and deck ceiling was accentuated to cover living spaces with warmth and character. Central to the new design is its atrium. Created out of the building's center core, the area harvests natural light and pours deep into lower levels. Rooftop garden landscaping, deck spaces, and built-in cooking stations surround the atrium. Residential units were designed to promote natural light from exterior windows to penetrate deep into the space by orientating glazed walls parallel to the light source.

The renovation is the first residential development in the history of Nebraska to recycle at least 75 percent of qualifying construction waste. Other sustainable features include native plants surrounding the building and on the roof, all natural finishing materials, and a bike storage room to promote riding instead of driving.

At a glance

Repositioning and Preservation

216,000 SF

Eight Stories of Living Space


Preserved Exterior Brick, Timber Ceilings, and Maple Flooring

Central Atrium

Natural Lighting

Rooftop Garden Landscaping

Deck Spaces



Full Architecture and Engineering

Contract Documents

Contract Administration