Client Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group

Dallas, Texas

Boston Consulting Group requested a re-designed and organized layout that included more office space for production and office personnel. The resulting design blends cohesively with the previous aesthetic while increasing the space's efficiency. The greatest challenge was creating interior, windowless offices that would appeal to tenants. To allow natural light into the building’s core, storefront systems were used. Glass walls were made opaque from 30 inches above the floor to 30 inches below the ceiling. These transparent panels allow light in while maintaining privacy, and double as white boards. Along a wall of the interior corridors opposite the transparent offices, "feature walls" introduce movement and texture to create interest.

The design team completed the work under a tight time frame and allowed the office to remain open and productive during the renovations.  

At a glance

10,000 SF


Expanded Office Space

Additional Privacy




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Interior Design