Client U.S. Department of the Army - Fort Carson

Brigade Combat Team, Heavy Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF)

Fort Carson, Colorado

This 176,500-SF design-build project consists of six Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) buildings designed to maintain and repair military vehicles and tactical equipment. The simple plan arrangement provides flexibility of use and allows possible internal expansion to better serve the evolving needs of the United States Army. Design and construction strategy closely match the new COF buildings in massing, materials, color, and detail. The facilities are constructed of insulated precast concrete panels that provide an economical, durability, and versatility of a prototypical civilian office-warehouse building.

Each TEMF is composed of a "Repair Bay" area and the support "Core" areas. The Repair Bay consists of single-story garage areas that are used for service and repair of Army tactical equipment. The two-story support Core contains administration offices, training, conference and break rooms, consolidated bench, storage rooms and vaults, latrine and locker rooms, and mechanical, electrical and telecommunications rooms. A covered hardstand area is provided at the rear of the six TEMF buildings to provide covered access to SATS and ALS-MS containers.

At a glance

176,500 SF

6 Buildings

Administrative Offices

Repair Bays

LEED Gold Certified


Cost effective strategies were incorporated into the design to improve sustainability and decrease energy consumption.

Increased shell insulation, efficient lighting and mechanical systems, day lighting techniques, recycling and waste management requirements


Architectural Design

Interior Design (SID and FF&E)


Energy Modeling

Force Protection

Fire Protection

Site/Utility Design

Submittal Review

"I would look forward to the opportunity to work with the LEO A DALY team in the future.  In my opinion they set the standard for excellence that all A/E firms should strive for."