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Chengdu “Panda Town” Landscape Master Plan

Chengdu, People's Republic of China

This project is located next to the National Panda Breeding Center, a site of national significance. Chengdu's "Panda" brand has worldwide influence. The project's main objective is to use Panda International Boulevard and the planned surrounding facilities to create an all-panda ecological resort that creates an international Panda brand to guide investment and development potential. Panda International Boulevard, also known as "Welcoming Boulevard," is the front door for international leaders and VIPs arriving at the Panda Center. The main landscape design goals focus the integration of the existing Panda Center, the planned Banyan Tree Hotel, commercial villages, an Eco Industry Park, and a Golf Country Club to achieve a signature destination.

At a glance

2.2 million SM

23,680,603 SF


Panda-Themed Design

Includes Hotel, Commercial Space, Industrial Park & Country Club


Master Planning

Concept Design

Landscape Design