Client Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Children's Hospital & Medical Center, NICU Renovation

Omaha, Nebraska

Leo A Daly worked with Children's Hospital & Medical Center (CHMC) to renovate and improve the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) to better serve their patient population and families.

CHMC currently leases space for their NICU from Methodist Hospital and is connected by a sky-bridge. This arrangement will continue for another seven years until a new project at the CHMC site will allow expansions to house a NICU adjoined to their other services. Until that time, improvements are needed to the current unit that will improve family privacy and dignity, provide more caregiver space in the patient areas, improve technology for staff to communicate, create an updated look to the unit, introduce more uniformed daylight throughout, and create other spaces for families to use that will make their stay less stressful.

The new unit design creates more private patient spaces with exterior windows, full-height walls, and additional space around the patient for caregiver access and technology improvements. The existing headwall layouts are incorporated into the new design to minimize cost and infrastructure work. Nurse work areas are relocated to allow space for these improvements. Nurses have work areas grouped around a central support core which help with communications and proximity to more rooms.

A new program for high-risk deliveries of sick children was started by the hospital. A fetal care center was constructed as part of this project to support the new program. Rooms include a delivery operating room, infant resuscitation room, and a mother recovery area.

At a glance

16,980 SF

Private Patient Spaces

Improved NICU

Family Privacy


Fetal Care Center

Delivery Operating Room

Infant Resuscitation Room

Mother Recovery Area