Client College of the Canyons

Aliso Lab & Aliso Hall Science Building Expansion

Santa Clarita, California

LEO A DALY was called upon to create additional science, laboratory, and classroom space to accommodate the rapid growth of the nursing program, after creating the original campus master plan and the design of many of the original buildings on the campus.

A three-story, 32,000-SF lab building was added to provide expansion for the Biology, Chemistry, Botany, and Physical Science departments.  It includes classrooms, an environmental cold room, a greenhouse, laboratories, and associated space. The facility is linked to a pre-existing science building by a bi-level bridge.The 11,000-SF Aliso Hall is a one-story, freestanding, general-use facility that houses three, 100-seat, sloped-floor lecture rooms. Each lecture room has high-tech audiovisual and laboratory demonstration capabilities.

The exterior materials include copper panels, exterior cement plaster, and perforated aluminum screens as well as large, expansive low-emitting glass for effective ventilation and daylighting, and expansive outdoor views. 

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43,000 SF

32,000 SF Lab Building

11,000 SF Hall




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