Client Columbian Chemicals Company

Office and Laboratory Facilities Consolidation

Marietta, Georgia

To achieve improved communication and productivity through work and common areas, Columbian Chemicals Company consolidated the office and laboratory facilities into a single location. The project goals centered on an economical and durable facility and would provide a visual access to the on-site lake and an immediate presence and recognition when entering the property. 

An aesthetically pleasing and timeless design was defined with a two-story glass form entry, with a covered drop-off portico. The structure has perimeter offices and internal work stations with support areas and a double-loaded corridor with labs on both sides. The office space has a predominance of glass for visibility, and is further defined by warm brick tones with the use of pilasters. Labs and offices are located on the building perimeter, allowing for window views of the lake. The facility uses 29,000-SF as laboratory space for physical testing, imaging/electron microscopy and analytical, instrumentation applications and pilot research. The location of the building accommodates expansion for 20,000-SF of administrative space and 10,000-SF of laboratory space.

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96,000 SF


Design for Expansion of Administrative and Laboratory Space



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