Client Remington Hotel Corp.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Key West - La Concha

Key West, Florida

The multimillion dollar renovation of guest rooms and suites for this historic Old Key West hotel harkens back to the Ernest Hemingway  novel, "To Have or Have Not”, where the hotel and Key West played major roles. The homage to Hemingway is seen in the inclusion of built-in sofas at windows, writing desks, and custom built-in bookcases in each suite. A Cuban influence is reflected in the use of wood shutters in place of drapes and the addition of blue ceilings to each room. Existing balconies, with views of historic Duval Street, were treated with new furniture. To integrate a modern feel in each guest room, designers used artwork inspired by local roosters, a revered creature on the island.

At a glance

160 Guest Rooms


Hemingway-Influenced Design

Balconies with Views of Historic Duval Street in Key West


Interior Design

Over 5,000

businesses operate in Key West.


All of the sand on the beaches of Key West was shipped in from the Caribbean.


bridges connect Key West and mainland Florida.