Client South Carolina Army National Guard

Donaldson Army Aviation Support Facility

Greenville, South Carolina

The 115,000-SF aviation support facility includes four CH-64 hangar bays at 32,226-SF for helicopter maintenance, a 20,020-SF operations AMU facility, a 24,648-SF unheated helicopter storage hangar for another three CH-64 bays, a 10,000-SF shop area, 3,300-SF of ground support equipment storage, and other support facilities. The facility includes adequate provision of administrative, supply, classroom, medical, locker, and physical fitness areas totaling nearly 60,000-SF.  Classrooms consist of lecture, testing, and assembly halls, instructor offices, learning center and library.

The site is over 27 acres but is severely constrained by the obstacle-free area of the adjacent runway, the security stand-off distances and a more than 30 foot grade differential across the property. These constraints presented a significant challenge for the master planning of the project that included the current program plus a future 40% expansion. All National Guard projects are designed to meet a minimum requirement of LEED Silver Certification.

At a glance

115,000 SF

LEED Silver


Maintenance Hangars

Unheated Helicopter Storage

Flammable Storage Building

Unheated Equipment Storage


Fuel Storage and Dispensing System



Engineering: Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical

Interior Design

Construction Documents

Construction Administration