Client City of Doral

City Hall Interior Design

Doral, Florida

The interior design of the 60,000-SF Doral City Hall focused on an open concept, carefully locating distinct departments in a cohesive fashion to allow for clear flow of daily functions and collaboration. The materials, finishes, and furnishings were selected to represent the city's contemporary and progressive style, yet in a conservative fashion to provide a timeless facility with minimal updating and maintenance required.

The spaces include a multi-purpose room off the main lobby, an employee wellness center, a progressive break room to facilitate a collaborative work environment, a "One Stop Shop" center for permit processing, and office space for 150 city employees, including private office suites for the City Manager and Mayor. The 120-seat City Chamber located on the top floor of the entry rotunda is equipped with the latest audio-visual resources to serve the community. The project was carefully designed to meet the city's goals, support the building's LEED Silver Certification status, and serve the citizens of the City of Doral.

At a glance

60,000 SF

Multipurpose Room

Wellness Center

Office Space for 150 City Employees

120-Seat City Chamber

LEED Silver Certified


Contemporary and progressive Style

New break room facilitates a collaborative work environment


Interior Design