Client Equinox Hospitality Group, LLC

DoubleTree Makkah

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The LEO A DALY design team created a design that illustrates respect for the Muslim faith and culture. One challenge was creating a design that allowed for guests to use all facilities on the same schedule. Visitors’ prayer schedules indicate that all restaurants should anticipate one large meal, rather than several small ones. The design team provided large spaces totaling more than 700 seats in a sophisticated contemporary style that also incorporated stylized traditional motifs.

Our designers used a traditional Arabic pattern all through the hotel that was sized to scale to create dramatic statements in backlit screens, etched floor patterns, and an enveloping trellis that greets the guests upon entry. The hotel has grand scale lobbies to house large numbers of guests traveling through at one time. These large open spaces will allow for seating areas, coffee lounges, and additional amenities for travelers.

Designers placed each guestroom room to face the Mosque of al-Haram, with special care taken to prevent the foot of the bed and bathrooms from facing the Mosque. Connecting rooms and double and twin bed layouts were maximized for families and social groups traveling together.

At a glance

700-seat dining facility


Culturally-sensitive design


Interior Design