Client US Department of the Air Force

Fort Hood Joint Air Ground Center

Fort Hood, Texas

The Joint Air Ground Center is a two-level 37,000-SF facility. The upper level of the building contains five flight operations areas, an office suite, multi-purpose meeting room, a mission planning and training area, and an Interactive Fire Arms Training Simulator (IFATS). The lower level includes a radio maintenance center, spaces for equipment storage, a heritage room, armory, and two maintenance bays — one for radio equipment and the other for vehicles.

The two-level design takes advantage of an east to west slope by placing the upper level functions at grade on the east side and places lower level service related functions at grade on the west side. A 65-space car parking area serves the upper level while a covered parking and maintenance area for the radio-supplied vehicles is located on the lower level. Each of the 52 radio-supplied vehicles has covered parking space, as well as an enclosed 150-SF storage/work area. The building exterior mimics adjacent buildings through the use of brick and a sloping metal roof. A clerestory light was incorporated near the roof to allow natural light into the upper level entrance and hallway.

The facility meets all Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection requirements and has achieved LEED Silver Certification.

At a glance

37,000 SF

Five Flight Operations Areas

Interactive Fire Arms Training Simulator


LEED Silver Certified


Project Management

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Engineering: Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical 

Landscape Architecture

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

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