Client US General Services Administration

Anzalduas Crossing US Land Port of Entry

McAllen, Texas

This design-build includes a primary vehicle inspection canopy, administration building, secondary vehicle non-commercial inspection canopy, head-house in the area, dog kennel building, and parking. The program calls for a number of one-story buildings that house the various functional components of the facility including facilitating legal travel in and out of the US; apprehending and processing illegal immigrants and suspected terrorists; creating and processing immigration records; and intercepting contraband, controlled substances, and illegal materials. The project is LEED-NC Silver Certified, designed to mediate the heat and harsh sunlight of the Southwest.

At a glance

29,000 SF (Buildings)

31,000 SF (Shade Canopies)


LEED-NC Silver Certified


Architectural Design

Engineering Design


The inbound and outbound sites consisted of four primary inspection lanes each


The Anzalduas Crossing supports traffic from the Anzalduas International Bridge which is over three miles long. It was designed to divert traffic from the congested Hidalgo Texas Port of Entry.


This project included four single-story buildings and a variety of site improvements on the 26-acre site.