Client US General Services Administration

Regional Field Office - Houston

Houston, Texas

This building is part of the General Service Administration's (GSA) Design Excellence program, where the federal government hires accomplished architects to design buildings emphasizing creativity. The design of the 275,000-SF GSA Regional Field Office includes careful integration for security, sustainability, and appropriate image. LEO A DALY, as part of an AE Joint Venture team, worked to provide a workspace that was highly functional, stimulating, and extremely secure. The successful LEED Certification of the building includes numerous efficiency integrations, including the building orientation and building materials. The design team worked diligently throughout the project design and the procurement period to keep the budget in-line despite the escalating cost of construction materials. 

At a glance

275,000 SF

LEED Certified

Innovative Design for Double Skin


Crystal Achievement Award – Glass Magazine

TSA Design Awards – Texas Society of Architects | AIA

AIA Design Award, Architecture Greater Than 50,000-SF


Joint Venture Management

Project Management

Construction Documents

Engineering: Electrical and Plumbing 

Construction Administration Services

"…this compositional quality is exactly what should be celebrated about this building. I am thankful that the government sees value in design. Instead of building another banal, inward-looking and isolated building, someone decided that there was added value in making it an attractive part of the community."

10 to 15 degrees

The fritted-glass façade serves as an insulating layer, and the gap creates a thermal stack effect, cooling the air temperature inside the building by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


The outer screen wall of laminated green glass panels on a cantilevered steel support structure act as a sunshade for the building.


pieces of green glass were used to cover the building