Client Shanghai Goyeah Petroleum Software Eng.

Haitong Securities Tower

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

The 36-story Haitong Securities Tower was designed as the newest "Intelligent Building" in Shanghai. Designed and built on a fast track program, the client had purchased the site with foundations and footings already in place that were insufficient for the ambitious project. LEO A DALY, in association with Shanghai architect Haipo, increased speed to delivery by proposing to keep the small footprint, creating the 36-story "intelligent building." At the top, the floor plate was increased by creating an undulating exterior wall and creating a ribbon-like effect.

The intelligent building system design was created to meet base building needs cost effectively with incremental expansion capabilities. Systems like security, building management, telecommunications, raised floor air conditioning, cabling and high-speed optical transport, and electronic infrastructure support the communications and signal processing. In addition, the base of the tower was utilized as a multistory retail podium with active exterior displays. The creative solution achieved all client goals while creating an iconic landmark to signal Shanghai’s entry into the high-tech marketplace.

At a glance

65,800 SM

492' Tower

35 Floors Above Ground

3 Floors Below Ground


Fast-track Design and Construction

“Intelligent Building” Design


Architectural Design

Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural

Interior Design

"The Haitong Securities most noticeable for its undulating increase floor space in a building that had a small footprint that could not be changed."


The building is also know as Yinchen Cyber Tower, Yinchen Tower, Silver Dawn Tower