Client Hines Interests Limited Partnership

Hendricks Investments Holdings

Silver Spring, Maryland

Hendricks Investments desired an elegantly designed office space on a tight, three month deadline. The greatest challenge to creating a unique and dynamic design was the existing eight foot height limitation, preventing an expansive environment. To solve this problem, a neutral white and beige color palette was used to create contrasting neutral shades that help characterize the space with definition and shadow, amplifying a checkerboard-like design that is echoed throughout the office space.

Glass partitions were placed in a curvilinear alignment around office space, adding a sense of drama. The partitions, also used in specialty areas such as the conference room and meeting rooms, were affixed to the ceiling and can be retracted to create a more open floor space. Natural light extends to the center of the conference space with the elimination of corners and unnecessary walls. Working closely with an audiovisual consultant, the design team incorporated the sleek look of monitors and other technology to enhance the fresh, clean, linear design, while enabling the firm to provide clients with the most current computing systems.

At a glance

7,400 SF

Retractable Glass Partitions


Honor Award, National Design Program, Interior Architectural Design
Society of American Registered Architect

Fast-Track Schedule, Completed in Three Months



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Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Interior Design

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