Client Hennepin County Medical Center

Hennepin County Medical Center, Spiritual Care Center Relocation

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The new Spiritual Center was relocated to a convenient space which is easily accessible through the level 2 skyway. Open 24 hours a day, the new center is a welcoming, contemporary and quiet layering of spaces that allows people of various faiths to transition into a spiritual place appropriate for their level of practice. Foremost among these spaces is a prayer wall with small grooves, enabling visitors to submit prayer requests on slips of paper. Two semi-private contemplation areas allow visitors to practice individually, in small groups or meet with the chaplain. An assembly room with labyrinth floor pattern and translucent lighting panels allows up to 50 people for meditation, yoga or large group spiritual activities.

At a glance

1,800 SF


Worship spaces for various faiths


Interior Design

Architectural Design


"We have received many grateful comments from patients, families, and especially staff about this space. We are seeing more people of various faiths coming to this Center and the prayer wall is heavily used."