Client Hennepin County

Hosmer Library Update Preserves Integrity but Meets New Needs

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Hosmer Library was built in 1916 and has not seen any major remodeling or refurbishments since 1997. A Carnegie library – one of the last four in Minneapolis – the facility has been designated an historic structure.

Hennepin County commissioned LEO A DALY to selectively remodel and refurbish approximately 10,000 SF of the library, including an additional 1,000 SF of staff space, to update the library and make it more efficient and customer friendly. Our design preserves the integrity of the structure while transforming the facility to meet today's needs.

We used virtual reality to design the renovation of the Hosmer Library, which enabled board members to have a better understanding of the layout, color choices, furniture design and overall feel of the building as they virtually walked from room to room. Those improvements included the relocation of some public areas to better accommodate customers and replacement of shelving, end panels, carpeting and furniture. 

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11,000 SF


Historic Renovation of a Carnegie Library


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