Client Kunshan Orient Overseas Kunan Property Co., LTD

Huaqiao Town Planning Study

Kunshan City, People's Republic of China

The Core Urban Area (CUA) of Huaqiao Business City located in Kunshan, a development zone outside of Shanghai, is a three-kilometer, 3M-SM multi-use development comprising office, residential and retail, cultural, and convention and hotel spaces. Each is separated by a network of parks and open space, as well as civic and cultural institutions, creating the illusion of an integrated urban center.

This area serves as the central business district for Huaqiao Business City, so office development accounts for approximately 2M-SM of the project’s total area to be developed. Other than the residential towers and the hotel, buildings in the Core Urban Area will not exceed six stories in height.

Strategically located in the greater Shanghai development area, the Core Urban Area (CUA) is well positioned to become a powerful commercial enclave in the growing metropolitan area.

At a glance

3 Million SM

32,291,731 SF

3 Kilometer Site


Mixed Use Development


Conceptual Design

Master Planning