Client Texas State University System - Lamar University

Provost Umphrey Stadium Improvements and Athletic Complex

Beaumont, Texas

A decision to bring back NCAA Division I football required an upgrade to Lamar University's existing Cardinal Stadium. The upgrade includes improvements to spectator amenities and concourses, modifications to seating areas to meet ADA requirements, and team training and athletic offices housed in a new south end zone building. Spectator amenity improvements include expanded restrooms and concessions, upgraded concourse areas, and a new facade to enhance the stadium image. A team athletic complex building replaces an outdated facility near the south end zone, containing dressing rooms, meeting areas, an 8,000-SF weight room, sports medicine suite, support areas, and athletic administration and football program offices overlooking the field. The project provides a new infill turf artificial field, stadium sound systems, and video score boards.

At a glance

70,000 SF


Training & Athletic Offices Building

Expanded Restrooms

Expanded Concessions

New facade

Athletic complex building:
- Dressing Rooms
- Meeting Areas
- 8,000-SF Weight Room
- Sports Medicine Suite
- Offices


Upgrades and new building meet NCAA Division I football requirements 

Improvements to spectator amenities and concourses

Modifications meet ADA seating requirements

New infill turf artificial field, stadium sound systems, and video score boards



Project Management

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

Construction Phase Services