Client State of Maine Executive Council

Maine State House Copper Roof Restoration

Augusta, Maine

Holes as large as dimes were beginning to open up in the 105-year old original copper dome at the Maine State House in Augusta, Maine, making replacement imperative. With the dome having no flat surfaces, part of the challenge was designing a replacement of the 7,000-SF surface that would perfectly fit in all the right places on the rounded exterior. Consequently, the original roof components were removed and saved to serve as models for the new components that were shaped and hand-crafted using specialized tools on-site.
New lighting was designed to highlight both the roof and the rooftop gold-clad copper statue, "Lady Wisdom." LED lighting was installed in the torch of the statue that should last for more than 30 years -- about the time the dome will begin to change from brown to oxidized green once again.

At a glance

7,000 SF


105-year old copper roof restoration

Lighting of "Lady Wisdom" statue

LED lighting in statue torch

North American Copper in Architecture Award (NACIA)
Copper Development Association, Inc.


Architectural Design