Client Hussey, Gay, Bell, DeYoung International, Inc.

Memorial Health University Medical Center, 5th Floor Medical Surgical & Medical Vascular Intermediate Unit Remodel

Savannah, Georgia

The project score for this Leo A Daly and HGB&D joint venture includes the build-out of approximately 25,000 SF of shell space on the 5th floor of the existing Heart and Vascular Building located on the campus of Memorial University Medical Center. The patient care unit consists of 32 beds.
The build-out contains six ICU beds and 26 acuity adaptable beds. The program also includes all other associated support spaces such as nurses' stations, linen supply, equipment storage, staff lounge, nurse and physician offices, nourishment stations, physician work room, and a new elevator.
This project is exemplary of the careful planning and design considerations required for repurposing the original design intent to a very different use. The design team engaged the patient care staff early in the process to determine the special functional requirements of the specified patient population. They were then able to customize functions around a non-compatible structural grid and a fenestration system planned for office space.

At a glance

25,000 SF

32 Beds

Functional Space


ICU Beds

Nurse's Stations

Staff Lounge

Nurse and Physician Offices



Architectural Design

Medical Planning Design

Construction Documents

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