Client Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa

A Multi-Use Cultural Educational Facility

Tama, Iowa

Providing educational opportunities beyond the traditional K-12 realm is an established goal of the Tribe. The school design allows for greater community use. Long-distance learning is available for the first time. The media center, computer labs, classrooms, commons, and athletic facilities are open to the entire Tribe to expand adult education opportunities. New health, fine arts, and vocational programs have been added, with an emphasis on Tribal history.

The building includes infrastructure to provide a centralized data network and expanded community access. Wireless technology has been incorporated, along with generous power and data ports to stimulate spontaneous interaction. Outdoor educational opportunities have been expanded.

At a glance

106,800 SF

Outstanding Designs, Work in Progress - American School & University Architectural Portfolio


Community center

Integrated technology for community use




Architectural Design

Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Design

Interior Design

Contract Administration

“[LEO A DALY’s] willingness to discuss and work through obstacles as they arise has been exceptional. All the Leo A Daly personnel involved ... have been very attentive and resolved issues in an expeditious manner. They have been a true partner in the construction process.”