Client OKAN Construction Industry and Commerce Inc.

Military Academy for the Ministry of Defense

Astana, Kazakhstan

The design envisions a new military academy, with the site and buildings portraying an iconic image, worthy of representing the national military. This is accomplished by combining all of the buildings into one unit. This massive building approach alludes to the past, when armies stood united to defend one large fortified compound.

The interconnection of buildings helps foster communication and teamwork within the military/educational campus.   Ultimately, each individual piece throughout the project is significant in helping the university function as a whole. Education, living, business, entertainment, recreation, and hospitality come together on one site, under one roof, for one unified purpose.  The 102,000-SM building consists of new classroom, administrative, housing, athletic, and service facilities for the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Kazakhstan. 

At a glance

1,097,919 SF

102,000 SM



Administrative space



Service Facilities


Conceptual Design

Master Plan

Schematic Design

Design Development