Client US Army Corps of Engineers

Minot AFB Air Traffic Control Tower and Base Operations Facility

Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota

As the design lead on this design-build project with Mason and Hangar Construction, LEO A DALY developed the design and construction documents for two replacement buildings at Minot Air Force Base: an ATCT and a Base Ops Facility. The 100-FT tall ATCT is 17,106-SF, divided between nine occupied levels, including office and training areas and a control cab simulator. The Base Ops houses 10,281-SF of office and training areas divided between two occupied levels. Level 2 overlooks the entry lobby, and an accessible roof terrace provides added value and amenities to the users. As a replacement facility, the new Base Ops allows for increased technology, flexible support spaces and more efficient uses of energy and resources. Both buildings were designed to meet LEED Silver requirements.

At a glance

100 FT Tower

17,106 SF Air Traffic Control Tower Building

10,281 SF Base Ops Facility

LEED Silver Design


The design HVAC system is primarily distributed ground source heat pumps coupled with a vertical bore well field.  

Electric unit heaters were used in the vestibule, rest rooms, storage areas, and the stair wells. 


Design Development

Construction Documents

Construction Support Services

"The design of this project was very well done by a capable team of Architects and Engineers.  The tower and base ops buildings are extremely well received by the Air Force users and are a real source of pride by those who work in them."