Client Fujian Sansheng Estate Development Co., LTD

Minqiao Building Fuzhou

Fuzhou, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China

This new 86,000-SM (925,000-SF) mixed-use Minqiao Building located in Fuzhou, China will contain government and commercial offices, as well as three levels of commercial retail space. The project design resolves the difficult site constraints associated with a narrow urban site, while maximizing the allowable FAR of 11.20. As envisioned, the sustainable development features a 155-M (508-FT) high commercial office tower, coupled with a distinctly separate government office component.

At a glance

86,000 SM (925,000 SF)

155 M (508 FT) Tower

3 Levels commercial retail

Mixed-use site


Contains Government and Commercial Offices

Narrow Urban Site

Sustainable Development


Architectural Design