Client U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Huntsville

Moncrief Community Hospital - Pathology Lab

Fort Jackson, Georgia

The Moncrief Army Community Hospital Pathology renewal project required a total renovation and reorganization of a 30-year-old existing lab and expanding the facility from 8,000-SF to 11,000-SF. The project scope included the implementation of security restrictions for the lab, flexible design to accommodate future needs, and reorganization and renovation to address numerous problems and issues prevalent throughout the existing lab. The lab renovation included administration space, blood donor area with blood bank, chemistry lab, hematology/UA, microbiology, virology/serology, histopathology, cytology, a small Bio-safety Level 3 lab, and staff support functions.

At a glance

11,000-SF Lab Expansion

Administration Space

Blood Donor Area

Chemistry Lab


Lab Security Implementation

Flexible Design for Future Needs


Facility Assessment and Evaluation


Medical Space Planning


Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical

Construction Documents