Client Hainan Br of Yin Qing Retired Residence Development Ltd

National Retirement Residence (BoAo)

Bo Ao, Qionghai City, People's Republic of China

The master plan of the 133.33 hectares was inspired from the five elements of a Chinese garden: stone, water, structure, community, and vegetation. The elements give form to the interconnected relationships between public and private, residential densities, green space, and circulation. At the macro scale, the site is organized with the most public functions anchoring the east and west ends of the site and the most private areas in the middle. The public area is comprised of communal infrastructures and facilities, such as community service centers, community entertainment centers, commercial services, medical centers and cultural education centers. The residential program is distributed in a similar manner. 

At a glance

666,650 SM (7.1 million SF)


Culturally Sensitive Master Plan

Four-Story Apartment Buildings

Community Greenways


Master Planning

Architecture Design

Conceptual Design