Client Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Jail Video Visitation Facility

West Palm Beach, Florida

Working as a consultant architect, LEO A DALY designed and administered the Central Video Visitation (CVV) component of the county’s judicial facilities renovation, including 9,300 SF of enclosed space and 3,300 SF of outdoor waiting space.  

LEO A DALY needed to design a center that would bear the traffic of more than 5,000 visits per month while providing a facility that was visually pleasing, convenient and safe. The design team offered systematic and controlled architecture solutions to provide visitors clear wayfinding, a convenient and comfortable waiting area, ample parking, a safe environment for families, privacy, and user-friendly technology -- all in an attractive atmosphere.

At a glance

9,316 SF


3,363 outdoor waiting space

Central Video Visitation (CVV) space


Project Management

Architectural Design

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