Client UnityPoint Health

Paula J. Baber Hospice Home

Fort Dodge, Iowa

This 12,750-SF, eight-bed hospice home provides the residents of Fort Dodge and the surrounding counties of central Iowa with a comforting environment for hospice care. The home is divided into two separate patient care neighborhoods, each containing four patient suites. The suites include a private bedroom with a walkout patio, fireplace, and bathroom. Connected to the bedroom is a private family room to allow guests to stay the night with patients. A public shower room is provided for guests staying overnight, while patients have spa access.

The home has a commercial kitchen where staff prepares meals for the patients upon request. In addition, there also is a family kitchen and dining room where families can prepare meals and dine together. The variety of public spaces include the great room, a non-denominational chapel, and a public family room with a child play area. The exterior contains a sculpture and remembrance gardens. 

At a glance


8-Bed Hospice Home

2 Patient-Care Neighborhoods

Great Room

Non-denominational Chapel

Family and Commercial Kitchens


Suites include a private bedroom with a fireplace, bathroom, and walkout patios

Remembrance Gardens

Overnight Family Rooms


Architectural Design

Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural 

“I am very pleased with the design and function of this facility. Families utilizing the kitchen have described it as ‘therapeutic’ for them as they find diversion making a meal as their loved one is staying here.