Client Shenzhen Huanggang Industrial Holdings Company Limited

Qingdao Excellence Century Center

Qingdao, People's Republic of China

Excellence Century Center is an urban mixed-use property, designed to maximize a central public piazza area and integrate large masses of buildings to create a compelling public gathering place. The design includes a 250-M (820-FT) office tower, two 164-M (538-FT) small office / home office (SOHO) towers, and a four-level retail podium, with public and secure parking.

The site has a central piazza to organize retail and office venues into a singular urban space. To achieve a balanced site massing, the office tower is placed on the formal central plaza, separated from the two SOHO towers. The SOHO towers anchor the west retail entry atrium, while the 250-M (820-FT) tower anchors both the central piazza within the property and the city's circular plaza. The tallest tower is shaped by dividing each side into two tall planes tilting inward and outward to accentuate the vertical. This creates slim surfaces sheared on all sides, while the tower's mass generates very functional pinwheel-shaped office floor plans with eight corners sharing the same structural grids on all floors. Recessed vertical fritted-glass bands are added to the building skins to contrast against the strong horizontal areas of the retail podium fa├žade.

At a glance

409,595 SM (4.4 million SF)

2.99 Hectares

Tower 1:
57-Story - 112,000 SM, 250 M (1.2 million SF, 820 FT)

Tower 2:
38-Story - 29,316 SM, 164 M (315,000 SF, 538 FT)

Tower 3:
38-Story - 110,542 SM, 164 M (1.19 million SF, 538 FT)

Tower 4:
24-Story - 29,342 SM (315,000 SF)

Retail Podium:
107 M (351 FT)
4-Story - 23,962 SM, 23.3 M (258,000 SF, 76 FT)

4 Stories Below Grade


Four Towers

Mixed-Use Complex


Master Planning


Architectural Design