Client Landmark Healthcare Facilities, LLC

Rochester Hills Health and Wellness Center

Rochester Hills, Michigan

The facility is a center for health improvement, owned privately, but open for public use. The majority of the building contains exercise facilities, such as a track, weight room, pool, and rehabilitation spaces. A 16,000-SF (1,486-SM) portion of the building contains privatized offices for specialists in imaging, integrative medicine, and physical medicine.

The design concept for Rochester Hills Health and Wellness Center was to create a building that opens itself to the public through the use of massing, transparency, and architectural gestures. The mass of the brick building is retained, forming a clean and classic structure. In order to accentuate the large entrance, this mass Is cut away at the corner, creating a direct path into the two-story lobby. Transparency is utilized at this main entry and stretches around the perimeter of the structure, seemingly causing the roof to float, making the main level pool visible from the freeway.

The two-story lobby features a ceiling-to-floor water feature. The black marble floor flows to the elevators, with a  balcony and windows revealing upper floor destinations. The use of these gestures and materials endeavors to create a welcoming, open, and hospitable space.

At a glance

98,000 GSF (9,104 GMS)

Two-Story Lobby

Welcoming, Open and Hospitable Space.



Weight Room


Rehabilitation Spaces

Privatized Offices

Ceiling-To-Floor Water Feature


Architectural Design