Client Jewish Senior Services

Rose Blumkin Jewish Home

Omaha, Nebraska

Leo A Daly provided interior design and space planning for the new Rose Blumkin Jewish Home located on the campus of the Jewish Community Center.

Through collaborative efforts, this space transformed from a warehouse-like space to a colorful, warm and accepting environment. Residents now live in comfort, surrounded by beauty. Not only is this space an area for residents to live, but also an area to converse and grow with their family and friends. The area gives off a town-like feel, with rooms designed as separate buildings and names such as the town hall, theater, toy store, and barber shop. The home remembers its past and looks forward to its future, keeping residents active and young at heart.

At a glance

55,686 SF

Vibrant Colors

Open Spaces

An environment that remembers the cultures history


Rehabilitation Service Areas

Sports Lounge

Single and Double Bedrooms

Therapy Suite

Long and Short Term Care Amenities

Variety of Care Levels


Interior Design

Space Planning

"When they took down the curtain, I couldn't believe it. We walked around with our mouths open. The place is astonishing. A work of art. So bright and airy. You look up - it's unbelievable they could even conceive of such a thing."