Client Safeway Inc.

Safeway Frozen Foods Warehouse

Clackamas, Oregon

Safeway's Clackamas, Oregon, Frozen Food Center represents the latest in building design and innovation in the food industry. The new 135,000-SF project replaces their existing 50-year facility as part of Safeway's continuing commitment to being the number one food retailer in the Pacific Northwest.

The entire project was designed with energy efficiency in mind. The new facility decreased energy consumption by more than 25 percent. All aspects of the refrigeration system are controlled by a central control system, which incorporates energy efficiency and safety. The 100,000-SF freezer is cooled using a two-stage control-pressure refrigeration system. Heat generated by the refrigeration process provides heat for the warehouse support areas. In addition to the refrigeration system, a forced air system provides energy efficient heating of the freezer floor to prevent the ground beneath from freezing.

Twenty-three truck docks were designed into the facility to support the projected volume of frozen items to be shipped from this facility to Safeway’s retain stores. The exterior walls of the facility are made of six-inch insulated metal panels and pre-cast concrete to support the low temperatures while providing durability and low maintenance.

At a glance

135,000 SF

23 Truck Docks

Energy Efficient

Durable and Low Maintenance


Central Control System

Forced Air System

Truck Docks

100,000 SF Freezer






Construction Administration

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

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