Client Security National Bank

Security National Bank Corporate Headquarters

Omaha, Nebraska

Security National Bank's four-story, 84,000-SF building houses the bank on levels one and two. Level one includes offices and a retail bank with four-lane drive-through service, a large training facility, service kitchen, and covered parking for 20 cars. Level two houses the remainder of the bank's corporate offices. Levels three and four, each with approximately 20,000-SF, are leased to tenants.

Special design considerations included recessed windows for increased shading, deep light shelves on the exterior south facade to enhance natural lighting, insulated precast sandwich panels to increase the R-value of exterior walls, a light-colored ballasted roof to reduce heat load, and a state-of-the-art building automation system to monitor energy-related information throughout the facility.

At a glance

84,000 SF

Retail Bank

Office Space

Leased Space


Sustainable design applications


Architectural Design

Full Engineering Services

Interior Design

Contract Administration

"I want to thank you and your organization for everything you did in making this project so successful.  We will always remember the team with pride that participated in making this project such a wonderful addition to our community."


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