Client Sidney Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center Designed with the Future in Mind

Sidney, Nebraska

Work on Sidney Regional Medical Center began with a review and evaluation of the master plan, with the plan being updated with short- and long-term expansion in mind.

The 120,000-GSF facility includes a one-story 76,800-GSF hospital and a 42,000-GSF clinic/administrative building. The master plan of the hospital includes 25 patient rooms, two labor-delivery-recovery rooms, a surgical suite, emergency department, diagnostics, lab, pharmacy, food service, physicians clinic, specialty clinic, rehabilitation services, cardio pulmonary services, building support and a central energy plant.

At a glance

120,000 GSF

76,800-GSF hospital

42,000-GSF clinic/administrative building


25 patient rooms,

Two labor-delivery-recovery rooms

Surgical suite

Emergency department

Award of Excellence
American Concrete Institute-
Nebraska Chapter


Master Planning

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Mechanical Design

Plumbing Design

Electrical Design

Structural Design

Civil Design

Construction Documents

Construction Administration

"Working with LEO A DALY was great. When we started this process, they kept us on target, and told us every step of the way what they expected from us next, and how we would go from big picture down to small details. They met not only with our senior leadership team, but with every patient care director and some of our line staff to get their input. They didn't just develop [the design] based on what they wanted, but incorporated what our needs were. They were very interactive, and very detail oriented. They took our needs into consideration every single time they asked us a question. This is going to be an asset to Sidney. We will be able to meet the needs of every age group in Sidney. It's really a dream facility. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful facility when it's finished."