Client Gaughan South, LLC

South Point Bowling Plaza

Las Vegas, Nevada

The owners of the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa wanted to add to their list of specialized amenities by building a professional, tournament-style bowling plaza in addition to their public bowling center. LEO A DALY was the design architect for this new $30M bowling plaza. The new 60-lane, 90,000-SF facility is equipped with the latest in bowling technology; each lane has its own touch screen display and the plaza is outfitted with 167-foot-long screens above both rows of lanes, where advertisements and scores are displayed. Amenities include a full bar, team photo booth area, a 720-unit locker room, seating for 360, and an additional 30 temporary seats available behind lanes 23 and 24, which have been designated for televised events. At the entrance to the bowling plaza is a large, open concourse to be used by vendors to set up shop during tournaments. Since the bowling plaza is positioned above the equestrian center, soundproofing is essential. Each lane was built on free-floating slabs and a 14-inch buffer of concrete, runner and plywood separates the two floors. The bowling plaza was an instant success; the owners have signed a 12-year deal to host major bowling tournament events for the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

At a glance

90,000 SF

60 Lanes


Outfitted with 167’-long video screens above both rows of lanes

Lanes 23 and 24 are designated for televised events

Seating for 360 with room behind the TV lanes for an additional 30 temporary seats

Full bar


Architectural Design