Client The Nebraska Medical Center

Hixson-Lied Center for Clinical Excellence

Omaha, Nebraska

Clarkson Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center merged to form The Nebraska Medical Center. To consolidate the services of two independent hospitals and 2.5 million-SF into one health system, a master plan was prepared to unify the facilities and enhance the center’s image. Named the Center for Clinical Excellence, this four-story, 160,000-SF connector building houses the most clinically intense hospital functions, including emergency, radiology, surgery, interventional radiology and a 34-bed neonatal intensive care unit. The new and renovated spaces provide 34 surgical procedure rooms, including 27 ORs, two cystology rooms, and five interventional radiology rooms.

At a glance

160,000 SF

25,400 SF Level I Trauma Center

57,600 SF Surgery

30,000 SF, 34-Bed NICU

34 Surgical Procedure Rooms

27 Operating Rooms

2 Cystology Rooms

5 Interventional Radiology Rooms


Consolidation of Two Independent Hospitals into One Health System.

Hospital space vacated allowed for future growth and reorganization for departments in the existing buildings.

Facility Connects Campuses on Three Levels.


Master Planning

Architectural Design

Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Contract Documents

Contract Administration

"LEO A DALY consistently demonstrates their understanding of the term 'partnership' as we have worked on numerous projects, large and small. They have shown excellent teamwork with our internal staff as well as the general contractor, and have been very responsive to our needs. Our relationship has been very successful, and we are confident that it will continue to be as we move forward."