Client University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lied Library

Las Vegas, Nevada

This 302,000-SF landmark structure for UNLV is a life-enhancing space, creating campus connectivity and energy. The library building is a blend of technology and sustainability, housing 2.3 million volumes. It uses an automated storage and retrieval system that saved nearly 100,000-SF, reducing construction and operational costs. The library harmonizing with its desert environment, harvesting natural daylight to deflect heat and offsetting energy costs. The exterior skin includes low-e insulated glass with perforated aluminum sun louvers and deflectors. Zinc-alloy cladding on "floating" vertical walls and its barrel-vaulted roof deflect heat and contribute to its landmark status. The interior space provides intuitive way finding and encourages social and technological interaction. As visitors move through the space toward exterior walls, the atmosphere becomes more private with the stacks acting as a sound filter. The library was designed in association with Welles Pugsley Architects.

At a glance

302,000 SF

2.3 million volumes


Award for Unbuilt Projects
American Institute of Architects, Nevada

Best of the Southwest, Outstanding Architectural Project
Southwest Contractor

Louis I. Kahn Award for Best Post-Secondary Education Facility
American School and University

Youth Design Jury Award
American Institute of Architects, Nebraska



Schematic Design

Design Development

Interior Design

"Lied Library's design allows us to marry the very best of the traditional print-centered library with the evolving digital library ensuring that students, faculty and staff can study and work in an environment that reinforces their opportunities for success."